About Us

We understand that rugged men want masculine jewelry. We know you want a manly wedding ring that captures your style. Real men don't want to sparkle or shine when they're out hunting in the woods.

Rugged Man Rings makes Deer Antler and Camo rings for men who don't want anything too flashy on their left hand. Show your love of hunting and the outdoors with one of our real Deer Antler, Mossy Oak® or Real Tree® Camo rings. Choose from Tungsten, Titanium and Black Ceramic for a personalized touch. Whichever you choose, all of our rings are prepared for the hard work they're in for. Whether it's hunting, fishing, camping, or working out in the yard, Rugged Man Rings guarantees that our durable rings will survive the hard work they'll endure. 

Start shopping now and contact us with any questions you may have regarding your Rugged Man Ring.

Email us: info@ruggedmanrings.com

Mailing address: 553 Hayward Avenue, Oakdale MN 55128